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Ep 21 Pearls From Dr. Cheli - We Talk Therapy, Grief and Jewelry

May 18, 2018

Dr. Araceli López-Arenas (Dr. Cheli) joins me today to talk a little bit about how the process of going to therapy works, also when and why people should try (or re-try) seeing a metal health professional. The conversation around mental health has opened up significantly in the last couple of years but there are still obstacles to overcome to avoid the stigma surrounding people seeking help with mental health issues. We also chat about grief and the grieving process. 

Dr. Cheli is also a jewelry designer who makes beautiful wearable art for her own company called Sui Generis Jewelry. She is working on tying both aspects of her professional life together and her tagline for her jewelry company is; jewelry with a mission. She started selling her jewelry as a means to help pay for tuition for her PhD in Counseling Psychology. Now the proceeds of her jewelry sales support, a scholarship for first-generation PhDs in mental health addressing the mental health disparities of their communities.

Some links that Dr. Cheli provided for us to check out:

Dr. Araceli López-Arenas on LinkedIn

Dr. Cheli's Etsy Store 

Find a therapist with Psychology Today 

Therapy catered to men with Mantherapy

Thank you for listening! 

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