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Ep 18 Pearls From Muse - How Winning a Radio Contest Changed My Life

April 27, 2018

When most people think of defining moments in life, they probably don't think winning a contest on a radio station to meet a band would be one of them. I am not most people.

I have had a deep love for the band Muse since 2005 and it continues to this day. I also have a deep sense of inadequacy which has stopped me from pursuing my passions and going after what I want. All of this changed July of 2017 when winning a radio contest helped me realize what I am capable of.

I promise all of this ties in with my mom and this podcast, but to find out how you will have to listen...

Here are a couple of Muse songs to dazzle your senses: 

Dig Down (The video I watched to win the contest)

Butterflies and Hurricanes (Muse's greatest song, imho)

Time Is Running Out -Live from Wembley Stadium (the first Muse song I fell in love with) 

Link to the Instagram post where Matt is holding my winning story

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