Pearls From My Mom

EP 13 Pearls From Anne, my conversation with a psychic medium

January 5, 2018

In my conversations with people who have lost loved ones I have found that many of them have either gone to or are interested in seeing a psychic medium. Almost every single person I have interviewed so far has said they believe their mother visits them in one form or another, is it so crazy to think that they might use a living person to connect with us?

I have never been to a psychic medium, was curious about how it all worked, and thought I would find a psychic medium to see if they would have a chat with me to tell me all about it. Anne was nice enough to put herself out there and answer my questions. Originally I had planned to do a quick Q & A with her and play some other interviews with a couple of people who wanted to talk about their experiences with psychic mediums but I will release that in a follow up episode. 

If you want to learn more about Anne, you can visit her facebook page

And if you want to meet her in person in Wakefield,QC-check out this event on January 13th 

Tarot/Oracle Card Reading Event · Hosted by The Chrisalis

If you want to be a part of my follow up episode to share your experience with a psychic medium (positive, neutral or negative) please contact me at 

If this episode wasn't your cup of tea, not to worry, I will be back next week with an interview with a sweet lady named Nancy telling me all about the pearls of wisdom she learned from her mom.